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July 14, 2008


Seth Godin

I was there (six times, actually). Unlike previous Apple queues, this one was notable for the grumbling, the lack of esprit de corps and the insanely dumb way the whole thing was handled.

A guy in my office ended up spending 8 hours.

No, that's not what Apple intended. At least I hope not.

Jon Dale

Hey Jeff, thanks for the mention. Keep up the good work.


Jeff Reynolds

8 hours? No. A few (2,3,4) hours? Evidently. At least that's how it was orchestrated.

My main point is that Apple understands that their customers love the hype and the hope. And they deliver.

Unfortunately, there are casualties. But the net effect seems to be working for them. Will Apple suffer in the long run? Perhaps. But I'm not seeing it yet.



Finally a fresh look at this issue. I'm tired of hearing peoplel bash Apple. Their strategy makes alot of sense: build kickbutt momentum once a year and focus on innovation.

Jason D

since when is Apple an underdog brand? If they ever were, that wore out before the first iPod Shuffle hit the market. Apple is just microsoft with better marketing, after all, Apple hasn't invented anything new in over a decade, they've just taken someone else's work, tweaked it, and marketed the crap out of it. Not to begrudge them their success, but an underdog? hardly.

Jeff Reynolds

Thanks for the comment, Jason.

Clearly your definition of underdog is different than mine.

The definition I use is:

A company that is...

Ranked number two or lower in their industry.


Uses ideas and action to outsmart vs. out-spend their competitors.

It can be tricky with brands like Apple. They seem SOOOOO successful. They're big. They dominate some categories. Heck, it can be difficult to figure out what industry to stick them in. None of the preclude them from their underdog status.

Since you compared Apple to MS, you should be aware of some facts (from Yahoo):

Market Cap:

MS = $237 billion
Apple = $141 billion


MS = $60 billion
Apple = $30 billion

By my criteria, Apple is clearly an underdog. A small one? Nope. I suggest reading "Eat the Big Fish" to get an overview of underdog/challenger brands.


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