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October 23, 2008


Tac Anderson

I understand what you're saying- I personally have always held the belief that new media doesn't kill old media (even if I think it's better)- but isn't complaining about new media and all the buzz words associated with it just as *old school*?

People (especially marketers) have and always will use new *buzz* words to try and differentiate their stance from someone else's.

Some may find it annoying but it's not going to go away.


Great points, Tac. Everything's gotta have a name.

I wasn't complaining. Just pointing out that media tactics are just planets orbiting around the brand's goals. Some are older. Some are newer. Some work well for some brands. Some don't. But their use should be determined by the brand's needs, not by the tactic's gravitational pull. Bad analogy. Sorry.

I also think that the "conventional wisdom" that all marketers have relied on over the last 30 years are TV spots, newspaper ads and billboards is a myth.

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