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January 12, 2009


David Linke

Your list of things for Job Seekers to complete leads me to a question.

If you have Industry Vendors referring fantastic CANDIDATES that have shown amazing examples of their exceptional work, why are you seeking APPLICANTS for a position?

The people you want to hire, the "smart" people, will most likely not want to be treated as an APPLICANT.

Your list seems to be directed to APPLICANTS and not CANDIDATES for your role.

Your list is a fantastic screening of you the employer, any candidate that submits an expression of interest at least gets a great insight to human dealings within your organisation. What a great service to any potential employee in your business!

Jeff Reynolds

You make some fair points, David. Thanks for the comments. Let me share my initial thoughts:

1) Vendors know a lot of people, but not everybody. About 50% of the people we interview seem to come from referrals from vendors or others in the industry. But we always want to be sure we cast a wide enough net to meet those who don't.

2) Your distinction being candidates and applicants is interesting...I'm going to think on it...but it feels like semantics to me. Applicants should have an opportunity to become candidates, no?

3) Not sure anyone wants to be treated like an applicant. I worry more about treating folks like human beings.

4) One of my major goals of this post is to provide more info of us as an employer. Everyone has the right to agree or disagree with what I'm saying. I'm jut trying to be honest and open about my feelings on the matter.

David Linke


My first comment was not intended to show any disrespect, I apologise if it has come across that way. I think your list has some exceptional points, as an ex-recruiter I like many components of the list. The main message that I took from your list was that as a CANDIDATE for a role in the future I will include some of your points in my questioning of any potential employer.

Applicant vs Candidate - semantics? No, I do not think so.

An APPLICANT is someone that is sending out job applications and takes what happens in the job searching process as "what is needed to land the position".

A CANDIDATE is someone that chooses the employer! A Candidate has the necessary skills, has the necessary talent and has the desire to work with the owner(s) of that business for a period of time. They then choose who they work for, for a set period of time, whether that is a fixed term contract or a long-term employment. But the relationship is one of mutual respect and acknowledgement of mutual obligation and outcomes.

My comments come from a long time in the business world. I have lived through a recession previously, many have not experienced this yet! I have seen many mistakes employers make in treating employees poorly when they hold the power, then complain bitterly that they can not fill positions in the good times!

I have been reading your blog for awhile now and your post prompted me to comment.

Good luck in the recruitment process, I hope you find 5 CANDIDATES that you then have a tough time landing as the person for you. :)

Jeff Reynolds

@David No worries and no offense taken. I really appreciate your thoughts.

I agree with much of what you're saying. The main problem with job hunting/recruiting is that we're not "digging our well before we're thirsty." Instead, we're reactive and it becomes a sales pitch (on both sides) instead of a dialogue that result in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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